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  • holding a cup of coffee
    04/10/2017 - Karolina Zaremba, CNP 0 Comments
    Your All-Natural Cold and Flu Remedy Kit

    You’ve got it all- scratchy throat, cough, feeling achy, sneezing, runny nose, fever. You’ve finally resigned to the fact that you’re sick. What medicine do you reach for?

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  • young boy walking on road
    27/09/2017 - Karolina Zaremba, CNP 0 Comments
    Backpack safety: How to pack for a happy back!

    We’ve all seen it before: the little kid coming home from school with a heavy schoolbag forcing them to hunch over, bulky items stretching pockets to the limit, and straps set so long that the backpack bounces with every step.

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  • Mother holding a child
    22/09/2017 - Karolina Zaremba, CNP 1 Comment
    Your All-Natural Flu Shot

    Back to school and back to work mean the return of dreaded cold and flu season. The stress of returning to school can really wear down your children's defences. They're also exposed to a number of germs from sharing desks, toys, touching playground equipment, and more.

    Here are three ways you can improve your family's immune systems during cold and flu season:

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