Rekha Ishwanthlal B.Pharm, FMNM, ABAAHP, CHN

Rekha Ishwanthlal has dedicated the last 20 years focusing on vitality health care strategies which strive to help patients stuck with their health symptoms. This focus serves the client in order for them to
find personalized solutions allowing them to strive forward and reach for their life goals.

Over the years she has delivered to her patients’ care, which is backed up by global expertise and skills. Rekha is a Board Certified Anti-aging practitioner with the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (ABAAHP USA), and a Fellow in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine (FMNM USA). She has comprehensive medication expertise and a pharmacy degree (B. Pharm), as well as holding a Holistic Nutritionist Certification (CHN), along with nearly 10 years of practice specialization in hormone balancing (Endocrinology) and anti-aging medicine.

She is passionate about pooling together these skills into a personalized, actionable plan to coach patients to prioritize their health goals and keep moving forward towards optimal health.

Outside of her practice, Rekha loves spending time with her family and experiencing the world via travel. She has a deep appreciation for mindfulness and making every moment count.

Rekha will be providing Hormone Vitality Assessments at the clinic on Tuesdays between 1pm to 6pm.

To book your appointment and for more information, please contact clinic reception at 613-830-4080 or email to

Learn more about how this unique service can help you maintain or re-claim your vitality. Rekha is also available directly via email and she offers a complimentary 10-minute hormone discovery chat session by phone. Email Rekha:

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