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Dr. Colin Brown, D.C.

Dr. Colin Brown loves Chiropractic.

When Dr. Brown was 5 years old, he had a bicycle accident which caused a significant
and serious brain injury. To make a long story short, he had emergency surgery to relieve a subdural hematoma, otherwise known as bleeding in the brain. Without that operation Dr. Colin would have passed on.

A surgeon had saved the life of this 5-year old boy, yet the function of his limbs, motor co-ordination, and overall sense of well-being suffered. Many ventured to state that he was never the same after
the accident and he would just have to live with the limitations. It was many years later, through chiropractic care and adjustments that he discovered something remarkable. The change in perspective that what he thought was always the way things were going to be in his body began to change with chiropractic. The care from his Chiropractor made him feel like his body had actually healed, and bit by bit was restoring to normal function and feeling. He can now run like a gazelle, bounding lightly and swiftly, through the tall, wispy grass of the savannahs.

As part of a career guidance program while at high school, Dr. Colin chose to visit a chiropractor, amongst other health professionals. This is where the path was chosen for Chiropractic.

It was during an afternoon session with the Chiropractor, observing, talking to and being adjusted by the Chiro, Dr. Colin became set on joining the profession. One thing though struck him and became the upper most thing in his mind from that point going forward. That thing was the overriding idea of why chiropractic is not more widespread, recognized as effective and not more understood than it needs to be. It could make the world such a healthier place to live. Everyone has a spine, everyone has a nervous system…accidents happen, poor habits get ingrained into our movements, gravity is forever on us, time marches on and stress weighs, at moments heavily, upon our shoulders, back and bodies. All of these things adversely affect the overall body well-being. It seemed logical to him that
everyone needs the help that chiropractic offered.

Dr. Brown studied chiropractic in South Africa. As a student, he was active in the sports program and adjusted athletes at ultra-marathons, international surfing competitions, worked for a development rugby club, and participated at Olympic qualifying events.

Chiropractic has had an international flavor for Dr. Colin. He has been a part of numerous clinics around the world including South Africa, Peru and Malaysia. While in Peru, he worked as a volunteer with the
Peruvian Olympic Selection committee for two and half years. Since receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic designation, he has continued to be involved with sporting events and the effective use of chiropractic care for the benefit of the participating athletes.

The wonderful cultural experiences and different styled clinic operations and techniques have all been factors of how to better understand and applying those experiences to the betterment of the patients.

Dr. Colin was proud to have participated in an active community service program in Peru with his colleagues providing chiropractic care to the children and caregivers in an orphanage. He was also involved in life changing opportunities to provide chiropractic treatment to underprivileged
people in Lima, the Amazon and the Andes.

“The satisfaction of being able to help people return to a life they thought they would never have again, is what chiropractic can do for many and has done for me.”


Monday:           12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday:           1:00 PM - 7 PM
Wednesday:    Not available
Thursday:         2:45 PM - 7:00 PM
Friday:               9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Saturday:         Alternating - call for an appointment.
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