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Still wondering about chiropractic? Here are some stories from patients who have come to us for help and have left healthier than they ever thought possible!

Video Testimonials

Here's a quick introduction into how folks have been helped by chiropractic

Written Testimonials

We have received countless testimonials from our patients, incredible stories of their return to health through chiropractic care. We've collected a few for you:

I was going to need surgery...

"If it weren't for chiropractic, I would be in a wheelchair, probably facing surgery on my lower back. Chiropractic gives me mobility and relief from pain."

- Will

A world of difference

"Dr. Emmett has worked on my spine for almost a year now. Over that time, my mobility has improved tremendously, also my balance, and general sense of well-being. I am most grateful to Dr. Emmett for his skill and professionalism. Thank you also to a very kind and dedicated staff!"

- Ardyce

Worried at first...

"I was living in constant pain until a friend convinced me to see Dr. Emmett. Right away, after meeting Dr. Emmett, I felt that he was caring and understood my concerns. He took the time to listen to me and to respond to my questions. After a few treatments I saw a big improvement. I was able to move my neck and go on with my day without my constant headaches and migraines. The quality of my life has increased a great deal. I would recommend Dr. Emmett to anyone who is scared to try chiropractic (as I was) as he is gentle and understands exactly what he is doing."

- Ulla

A welcome surprise

"Having had no previous experience with chiropractic practice, I felt very at ease with Dr. Emmett's professional manner and holistic approach. After only a few visits I already noticed dramatic changes in my posture / alignment. I believe that chiropractic is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Emmett.

 - Katie

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